Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Cocktail Rings and the Moon

Just a quick post to show off my rings (and seeing as i've not worn todays outfit yet, i'll post that too, though it's nothing too interesting).

My Moon Top from Topshop 
and just a bodycon skirt
(when I bought it I thought it was raindrops um oops)

with the same coat...

The rings below are 2 of my absolute favourite. The green cocktail ring that belonged to my mother (but apparently as she grew older her finger grew too big for it omg)

And the gold one - which actually has a branch/tree/bark pattern engraved onto it, belonged to my auntie, and was one of the things i was given when she died. So, naturally, I love it dearly.

wow my hand looks weird.

~ew chipped nail varnish

Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Same necklace as always.
Same Jeans as always

You'd think i didn't own anything else - I swear i do.
But this is a new top/crop shirt, super cheap, £10 from a shop that i never go in and cant even remember the name of.

But idk got a few ~compliments~ today so thought i'd share:

And England wouldn't be England without the horrid, rainy weather, so obviously the super-sized coat came out:

Nothing very exciting, but still a patterned mess oxoxo

Monday, 9 September 2013

Back at College

So today was my first day of my second (and final) year of college.

I had to be pretty casual, cause everyone knows that if you even make an effort you get ripped on for 'trying too hard'


I bought the top recently from Topshop. I fell in love with it because it reminded me of my Great Auntie's old furniture and curtains.

Probably not the best reason to by a top.

So that's pretty much the only interesting item -  I've already posted about the jeans. And of course the arm cuff and the over-used necklace (which I keep seeing loads of people wearing)


Friday, 6 September 2013

Somebody call the Pattern Police.

I would've uploaded this outfit yesterday but my entire area's internet/tv/broadband/phone line, EVERYTHING, was down.

It was a sad day.

To be honest the miss-match of patterns in the outfit I wore yesterday was the LEAST of its problems, but i did really love wearing it so,

It's super casual and nothing at all special, but i do really like it.

My favourite part -other than PATTERNS- is the neckline of the jumper and the high-neck crop top underneath, together with the necklace.

I feel very 80's; but less glam.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Bette Lynch

Once again I have succumbed to the pressures of patterned clothing.

and yet again, it's from Urban Outfitters.

But I've never had anything like it, so i couldn't resist.

This is my NEW Velvet Animal Print Top from Urban Outfitters. And. I. Love. It.

I'm not really wearing anything else of interest today. It's been a lazy day, and the tops just arrived, so I've just been wearing it with my jeans.

What with the leopard print and the blonde hair, I'm really starting to feel like one of Coronation Street's finest:

Good Old Bette Lynch.

The resemblance is uncanny...

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

White chain and White Shoes

So recently, I sold a festival ticket to a friend as I decided I no longer wanted to go, so for the first time in months I have MONEY TO SHOP WITH!11!111!!!!!!1!

I have bought so far: -tops x2
                                -a necklace
                                -my friends (late) birthday present of some gorgeous heels -she also bought me the                                        most amazing shoes which i am wearing below
                                -arm cuff
                                -groovy socks

these acid wash jeans are the first pair i've had in over a year. wow.

and here is the necklace - a white chain.

everyone has been buying the gold chains, so i thought id try something a little bit different.

and my arm cuff, of which i have wanted since I was a child and have absolutely fallen in love with

and it was only £3, so i'm super chuffed right now.

My best friend bought these as a late birthday present for me, and I adore them so much .
They're from topshop, and are my new favourite things.

I'm wearing them with one of the pairs of socks i bought, but who cares about socks when they're with these beauties. 

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

A Bad Attempt at Summer

I've been away recently at a festival, and also on a British beach holiday with my mother.

As much as i love summer, most of the things i own are in varying shades of navy, grey and black. No one told me these weren't summery colours ~crying~

Today I've been wearing what is possibly THE most summery thing i think I've ever worn yay

I would like to note 2 things:
1) don't worry, my arms are actually the same length - i don't know what happened here.
2) STILL DON'T WORRY. IT IS -moderately- SUMMERIER UNDERNEATH THE JUMPER (yes i am aware everyone owns this H&M jumper in different colours, but i didn't realise this when i bought it over a year ago okay. RIP my sense of style.

Personally, i feel like this is a great achievement.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Tomorrow morning i'm off to T in the Park in Scotland.
I've been all stocked up on rain coats and ponchos, wellies and thermals but the weather is scorching so now i'm having a bit of a mare.

These are a couple of some of the outfits im considering taking.

im not wearing/taking any jewellery as i am notorious for breaking/losing it.

I really need to stop procrastinating and start actual packing.

I'll also be taking the bandanna from my previous post, and also a flower headband - because trying to be indie is so cool obvs -

Monday, 8 July 2013

So Serge

Just a quick post;

For my birthday, my 3 homegals bought me:

Oliver Proudlock's Serge De Nimes London jumper
love it. my girl know me so well.

i really should wear this necklace less


 And also a bandanna in my favourite colour (they also bought themselves similar ones) for us to rock at T IN THE PARK on thursday.

very excited.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

L Plates and Birthday Cake

Wednesday 3rd July, 2013

My 17th Birthday!

Clearly the most important day of the year. All these fireworks going off tomorrow in America are a day late.

Had a brilliant day; lunch with my mum, then the rest of the day/night with friends. Here was my outfit:

The dress was actually bought years ago from Debenhams. God knows why my 13 year old self wanted it, but now I'm glad I bought it.

I wear this necklace too much.

This jacket is so gross its fab.

I think I wear it almost everyday.

Its too big.

Its faded.

Love it.

Now I'm 17 teen. I'm officially a Learner Driver.

Wish me luck and everyone keep off the roads.

Happy July xoxo

Saturday, 29 June 2013


I went around my local shopping centre handing out CVs the other day
(I regret to admit only one store actually accepted - but let's not get to caught up with numbers)

So, I am waiting to hear to see if they have a job going for me.

But for the occasion, I tried to dress relatively 'smart' - bear in mind that, to me, dressing smartly is anything other than pajamas.

Top - Topshop
Necklace - Urban Outfitters
Leggings - American Apparel
-Its hard to see in this photo, but these are the nylon leggings bought in a previous post-

I also decided to

Also sporting the Parklife Festival wristband, and my Great Auntie's gold bangle.

Anyway, it's my birthday in a few days, I've broken up for summer, completed a year of college, and hopefully have some success on the job front so wish me luck.

Saturday, 1 June 2013


The post I was originally meant to make for today was about my favourite make-up item:

My Maybelline Super Stay 10hr Tint Gloss

the '10 hr' is a bit of a joke, as if you're planning on eating, drinking or breathing (which, i don't know about the rest of you but, i do a lot) then you'd likely have to reapply it a few times throughout the day.

But the colour is gorgeous, and i especially love it in the evening, so if you don't retouching it across your day/night then its worth it.

I've also owned it since before I dyed my hair blonde, and I think the colour suits pretty much any hair colour by the looks of it.

American Apparel

I've been absolutely in love with these nylon leggings for months now, so thought it was about time I bought a pair.

I bought them yesterday from American Apparel (one of my all time favourite shops)

Today, I've put them together with my grey high neck top from Urban Outfitters, and my -newly fixed- cross necklace from Cow, of which you can get a better look at here:

~Why must i always wear grey and black
~I suppose we should just be thankful there isn't more blue.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Midi Tuesday

So I finally gave in and bought a midi skirt today.
Not too rebellious - Black, from Topshop.

I feel my colour palette is all Blue and Black.

And if you wanted to see the lace top in more detail...

The jumper has an embellished hiker, and is from Pop Boutique.

If you have any ideas on what to wear the midi skirt with, that would be great, and i'd love to hear your suggestions!

Black Lace and Stone-Washed Grey.

        So today the weather has been absolutely freezing and rainy so, naturally, i wear a lace top.

Today is the first time in years I have worn this top, and I've actually kind of missed it - might end up wearing this more often

My stonewashed grey skirt is a new ish item actually from my ultimate fave:

~~~~~***~Urban Outfitters ~***~~---

These are also two separate necklaces, a long pendant with 'luck' written on it, from Accessorize

And also the gold choker-type short necklace, which I actually think I got from Next.

Although I rarely, rarely, rarely go in either of these shops, I find myself wearing these two purchases quite often.

--I've also been shopping today, and I shall post what I've bought later on today.