Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Midi Tuesday

So I finally gave in and bought a midi skirt today.
Not too rebellious - Black, from Topshop.

I feel my colour palette is all Blue and Black.

And if you wanted to see the lace top in more detail...

The jumper has an embellished hiker, and is from Pop Boutique.

If you have any ideas on what to wear the midi skirt with, that would be great, and i'd love to hear your suggestions!

Black Lace and Stone-Washed Grey.

        So today the weather has been absolutely freezing and rainy so, naturally, i wear a lace top.

Today is the first time in years I have worn this top, and I've actually kind of missed it - might end up wearing this more often

My stonewashed grey skirt is a new ish item actually from my ultimate fave:

~~~~~***~Urban Outfitters ~***~~---

These are also two separate necklaces, a long pendant with 'luck' written on it, from Accessorize

And also the gold choker-type short necklace, which I actually think I got from Next.

Although I rarely, rarely, rarely go in either of these shops, I find myself wearing these two purchases quite often.

--I've also been shopping today, and I shall post what I've bought later on today.

Monday, 27 May 2013

New Blue Shoes and Double Denim

                    New Blue Shoes

These electric blue beauties were only £35 (on sale!!) and from the Kardashian Kollection at Dorothy Perkins - admittedly not my first store choice, yet I have been on the desperate hunt for royal blue wedges for a while.

I am fully aware the strap is twisted on the left ankle, but laziness is telling me to not bother retaking the photo.

              Double Denim

I've also been repping the double denim lately, so thought I would post this photo of my new denim crop-top (shirt) along with my cross necklace -which I have now managed to break, RIP.

Also this excessive posting of clothes is making me consider creating a Lookbook account.

On another note, my hairs halfway to being blonde!