Tuesday, 30 July 2013

A Bad Attempt at Summer

I've been away recently at a festival, and also on a British beach holiday with my mother.

As much as i love summer, most of the things i own are in varying shades of navy, grey and black. No one told me these weren't summery colours ~crying~

Today I've been wearing what is possibly THE most summery thing i think I've ever worn yay

I would like to note 2 things:
1) don't worry, my arms are actually the same length - i don't know what happened here.
2) STILL DON'T WORRY. IT IS -moderately- SUMMERIER UNDERNEATH THE JUMPER (yes i am aware everyone owns this H&M jumper in different colours, but i didn't realise this when i bought it over a year ago okay. RIP my sense of style.

Personally, i feel like this is a great achievement.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Tomorrow morning i'm off to T in the Park in Scotland.
I've been all stocked up on rain coats and ponchos, wellies and thermals but the weather is scorching so now i'm having a bit of a mare.

These are a couple of some of the outfits im considering taking.

im not wearing/taking any jewellery as i am notorious for breaking/losing it.

I really need to stop procrastinating and start actual packing.

I'll also be taking the bandanna from my previous post, and also a flower headband - because trying to be indie is so cool obvs -

Monday, 8 July 2013

So Serge

Just a quick post;

For my birthday, my 3 homegals bought me:

Oliver Proudlock's Serge De Nimes London jumper
love it. my girl know me so well.

i really should wear this necklace less


 And also a bandanna in my favourite colour (they also bought themselves similar ones) for us to rock at T IN THE PARK on thursday.

very excited.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

L Plates and Birthday Cake

Wednesday 3rd July, 2013

My 17th Birthday!

Clearly the most important day of the year. All these fireworks going off tomorrow in America are a day late.

Had a brilliant day; lunch with my mum, then the rest of the day/night with friends. Here was my outfit:

The dress was actually bought years ago from Debenhams. God knows why my 13 year old self wanted it, but now I'm glad I bought it.

I wear this necklace too much.

This jacket is so gross its fab.

I think I wear it almost everyday.

Its too big.

Its faded.

Love it.

Now I'm 17 teen. I'm officially a Learner Driver.

Wish me luck and everyone keep off the roads.

Happy July xoxo