Tuesday, 13 August 2013

White chain and White Shoes

So recently, I sold a festival ticket to a friend as I decided I no longer wanted to go, so for the first time in months I have MONEY TO SHOP WITH!11!111!!!!!!1!

I have bought so far: -tops x2
                                -a necklace
                                -my friends (late) birthday present of some gorgeous heels -she also bought me the                                        most amazing shoes which i am wearing below
                                -arm cuff
                                -groovy socks

these acid wash jeans are the first pair i've had in over a year. wow.

and here is the necklace - a white chain.

everyone has been buying the gold chains, so i thought id try something a little bit different.

and my arm cuff, of which i have wanted since I was a child and have absolutely fallen in love with

and it was only £3, so i'm super chuffed right now.

My best friend bought these as a late birthday present for me, and I adore them so much .
They're from topshop, and are my new favourite things.

I'm wearing them with one of the pairs of socks i bought, but who cares about socks when they're with these beauties. 


  1. Where's your chain from? xo

  2. topshop, oops, thought i wrote that ahaha x